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The future has already arrived. And here it’s called Grupo Equatorial. We are the first Brazilian multi-utilities that operates in several regions of the country. We are part of the electricity sector, offering generation, transmission, and distribution services. We also work with and invest in renewable energy sources (solar and wind). Moreover, we carry forward the future in other sectors, like sanitation, telecommunications, services, and private pension. There are several fronts, but everything we do today is in order to build a better tomorrow and a much more sustainable future.

31% of Brazilian territory
+13MM clients
13% of the total amount of energy
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For us, sustainability is working with our eyes fixed on environment, society, and our governance policies. Based on that, it is necessary to:

  • 1.

    Use natural resources responsibly

  • 2.

    Care for our collaborators, clients, suppliers and communities

  • 3.

    Have ethical rigor and transparency

  • 4.

    Work for innovation, accelerating our efficiency and decarbonizing operations


More than an abbreviation, 3 commitments to build a better tomorrow.

To talk about ESG is more than to discuss environment, social, and corporate governance topics represented by the abbreviation. It means thinking about everything we do today and committing to build the future we want for the next generations. In Grupo Equatorial our daily activities are guided by three goals.

Generate Transmit Distribute
  • Generate

    Positive impact on the environment
    Decarbonize operations
    • Maximize energy efficiency
    • Promote a cleaner energy matrix through business potential and cleaner operations
    Manage natural resources efficiently
    • Reduce air pollutants and use water efficiently in business operations
    • Manage waste properly and promote the circular economy
    • Eliminate losses in all business processes
    Recover ecosystems
    • Protect and regenerate biodiversity in the company's value chain
  • Transmit

    Life-promoting values
    Take good care of the collaborators
    • Ensure integral health and total safety to the company's employees
    • Carry out the development of employees, enhancing their skills for the job
    • Value diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination in people management processes
    Take good care of the communities
    • Promote the development of the surrounding areas, valuing traditional communities
    Take good care of the suppliers
    • Ensure the safety culture, the adherence to the principles of human rights and the respect for the environment within the company's supply chain
    Take good care of the clients
    • Promote energy accessibility and engagement for energy efficiency
    • Contribute to customer safety and ensure data privacy in all services provided
  • Distribute

    Fair results for all parts
    Promote innovation and digitalization applied to business
    • Encourage solutions and new technologies aimed at renewables, grid resiliency, operational efficiency, and business model adaptation
    Ensure Fair Relationships and Business Compliance
    • Establish relationships that ratify ethical conduct and the fight against corruption, and promote knowledge and a good reputation for the business
    • Ensure legal compliance and promote responsible advocacy of regulatory agendas that are relevant to the industry
    Strengthen Corporate Governance and Transparency in ESG
    • Act with robust corporate governance based on the best market practices, taking into account the institutionalization of processes and the social and environmental agenda for the decision-making, for the assessment of corporate risks and for business opportunities
    • Ensure periodic accountability in ESG with a focus on collaborators, clients and the capital market

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The United Nations (UN) developed the 2030 Agenda, a global pact with 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets for the planet and society. Commitments and actions that bring radical changes by the year 2030.

Grupo Equatorial is a signatory of the pact and prioritizes the following SDGs.


Our sustainability platform with projects for people and the environment.

  • E+ Bonus for You
  • E+ Community
  • E+ Culture
  • E+ Economy
  • E+ Education
  • E+ Electric Mobility
  • E+ Energy of the Good
  • E+ Lights in the City
  • E+ New Refrigerator
  • E+ Professional
  • E+ Recycling
  • E+ Security
  • E+ Solar Communities
  • E+ Sport
  • E+ Voluntary Energy

E+ Bonus for You

Focused on the customer, it aims to offer equipment such as refrigerators and air conditioners with a 50% discount. This way customers are encouraged to exchange old and inefficient equipment for new ones.

E+ Community

It involves projects such as the Low Income Social Tariff and Energy Efficiency actions, that includes the replacement of light bulbs, lectures, the construction of relationships with community leaders, social institutions, and the press.

E+ Culture

We support the local culture in the regions where we operate, supporting cultural initiatives that bring value to the population, including the most diverse types of cultural projects.

E+ Economy

This project aims to raise awareness amongst customers and the community, regarding the sustainable use of electric energy.

E+ Education

This is our main strategy for social action. Through E+ Education, we conduct actions for the social development of the places where we operate. We reform and remodel schools, delivering a top-notch structure for the development of activities.

E+ Electric Mobility

Project that aims to promote and evaluate the use of electric vehicles in the states where Equatorial operates, in order to encourage adherence and closer contact with the global trend of electrification of car fleets. The initiative aims to contribute to the decarbonization of the environment, promoting the sustainable use of energy and the reduction of environmental impacts from the use of fossil fuels (non-renewable energy sources that contain a high amount of carbon, used in common vehicles, such as gasoline and diesel).

E+ Energy of the Good

We implement energy efficiency solutions for low-income families and social institutions by replacing inefficient light bulbs and other equipment.

E+ Lights in the City

It contributes to public lighting projects in municipalities.

E+ New Refrigerator

Equatorial's initiative that replaces old refrigerators for more efficient ones, contributing to the savings of low-income clients.

E+ Professional

With the objective of preparing and inserting people in the labor market, we offer professional courses such as the Electrician's School.

E+ Recycling

This project transforms recyclable waste into bonuses on energy bills. With several collection points, we encourage recycling to benefit the environment and the planet.

E+ Security

Whether indoors or on the street, there is little care when it comes to electrical energy. And to make our customers and the community in general aware of the dangers with the electrical network, we carry out campaigns every year on the precautions that everyone should take in energized places with the possibility of accidents.

E+ Solar Communities

Our project takes electrical energy to distant communities. We install solar panels so that they have access to clean, renewable energy.

E+ Sport

Considering sports as an educational and social inclusion tool, we support initiatives that improve people's lives through sports practice.

E+ Voluntary Energy

The project aims to encourage, organize, support, and recognize volunteer actions, with the development of citizen participation of its collaborators and other stakeholders in favor of society.

TOMORROW WILL BE MUCH BETTER if we take action today.


  • “As a supplier consultant, I have found that I can develop companies and contribute to the quality of life of their employees and at the same time improve the satisfaction of our clients and fulfill Equatorial's role in enhancing services quality by bringing well-being to a more just and sustainable society.”
    Sandra Monteiro Corporate Management of Supplier Governance
    Sandra Monteiro
  • About the E+New Refrigerator: “I am very happy! My refrigerator was in a pretty bad situation, consuming a lot of energy. I am overjoyed! Thank you Equatorial!”
    Raquel - benefited by the E+ Refrigerator Nova. Equatorial PA
  • About the Electrician's School: “Equatorial gave us a great opportunity for development, that I and each one of my colleagues who are here today knew how to take advantage of. The course is of excellent quality and gave us not only knowledge but also financial aid to help with expenses. I would like to thank all of the teachers, Equatorial, DPL and SENAI, for providing one more achievement in our lives and in the lives of our clients, who will have access to more quality services.”
    Carliane Aragão - Trained electrician in the 1st class of the Electricians School. E+ PROFESSIONAL. Equatorial PI
    Carliane Aragão


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